Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: I just got a new puppy, what do I need to know?

Congratulations on adopting your new furry family member, we get a lot of customers wondering how early is too early to bring in your adorable puppy. We do require that they have their first three sets of vaccinations, for their safety and for the safety of the other dogs. After they have had their first three sets of shots we suggest you bring your puppy to a grooming salon as soon as possible. Especially if your puppy has long hair they need to be introduced to the grooming process at an early age. We also suggest that you don't get a full hair cut on your puppy until they are at least 6 months old. Most breeds develop their coarser, longer coat by six to eight months of age. If a puppy's hair is clipped too soon this could impact the quality of its primary hair and result in a problematic coat during adulthood. To avoid this it is important to wait for the puppy's hair to move into adult stage before clipping. Before their hair is in the adult stage it is still important to bring them in for at least a bath. We can also offer a bath and tidy where we trim up around the eyes, feet and sanitary until they are ready for a full haircut.

Question: I would like to drop off my dog and pick them up at a later time, is that ok?

We do ask anywhere from 2 - 4 hours for the grooming process but we also ask that once they are done they are picked up within an hour of receiving the call that your pet is ready. If you would like to make a prior arrangement we can offer boarding for your pet which includes being taken out to use the restroom and given water while your pup waits. If you fail to make a prior arrangement we do charge a boarding fee for every hour your pet is not picked up after we have called.

Question: I arrived at the address but I'm having a hard time finding you, where are you located?

One of our most popular questions! We are located off of Mountain and Foothill in the Vanguard Shopping center. We are in a building called the Courtyard Mall on the south side of the center; aptly named for the small courtyard that we are located in. If you do arrive and are still having a hard time locating our shop give us a call and we will direct you.

Question: Do you groom cats?

Yes! We have limited appointment slots each week for cats on Wednesday and Thursday at 9am. We only book cats on Wednesday's and Thursday's because those are the days we have the fewest dogs. We do ask that cats be dropped off at the first available appointment to lessen the stress for the cats and to give them the time and attention they need, anywhere from 3-6 hours. If your cat is known to be aggressive during the grooming process we do suggest medication from your vet, if we experience any type of aggression and are unable to finish the groom you will be notified and charged for what we were able to do. If you have any hesitations about this we do suggest that you find a vet to groom your aggressive cat.

Question: I have a Labrador, German Shepard or Husky can I get them shaved?

We don't' recommend shaving them, shaving removes the dog’s protective layer against sunburn and living in California it is better to let their natural undercoat do it's job. The double coat protects the dog from dirt & moisture, also the undercoat provides insulation for keeping cool in summer and warm in winter. If it's not to keep your pup cool please note that the fur regrowth will be hard, prickly, and uncomfortable, and shaving the coat does not get rid of shedding, now you’ll just have smaller hairs shedding everywhere. If you still would like us to shave your large furry friend and you understand all of these points we would are happy to accommodate.

Question: What happens with difficult, aggressive or senior pets?

There are many reason why a dog won't cooperate with our groomers, ranging from mild anxiety to flat out aggression. With every pet we do our best to make the grooming process an enjoyable one. Most pets have at least one part they don't enjoy of the grooming process and some discomfort is expected from your pets, whether it be from blow drying or nail trimming it can be difficult for your dog to comprehend why we do what we do. Every now and then we experience a pet that completely refuses to cooperate. Sometimes this is caused from old age, your dog might be experiencing pain or discomfort that could be solved with pain medication. Other times it is caused by anxiety and these symptoms can also be relieved through medication.

If we request that your dog needs to be medicated we do require a veterinarian prescribed prescription. In some rare cases over the counter medication can be used but we highly suggest testing it at home first as most over the counter medications aren't very effective.

We have several tools to help us with aggressive, anxious or elderly pets including a grooming hammock, muzzles or a groomers helper, if none of these methods work we will get a second groomer to help complete the groom. If we do have to send your pet home part way through the grooming process you will be charged for the services we were able to perform. In those cases we would require your pet to be medicated from your veterinarian. You would then have seven days from your grooming date to return if you would like us to complete your pets grooming.

Your pets are precious to us and we will do our best to avoid having to take these measures, but in some cases for the safety of your pet and the wellbeing of our groomers we will not put anyone, pet, groomer or fur baby, in harm's way.

Thank you