Get to know The Heavenly Paws Team


Brittany Jensen

Store Manager and Part Business Owner

Grooming is not just a profession for me, I am a true lover of animals at heart. From the time I was a little girl, i felt a special connection to animals. Dogs aren't just animals to me, they are true friends and I've called them that from as long as I can remember. It's no surprise that I ended up working animals. It was truly something I was meant to do. After years of working my way through school in the food service or doing other odd jobs, I took a job as a kennel assistant at a vet hospital in San Dimas. I worked with equine and small animals alike. I soon apprenticed at that hospital, became a vet tech and learned to do exams, shots, bandage wounds and help the veterinarian with surgeries. Some time later I began mobile grooming with a master groomer from San Dimas. I continued with my vet tech career but wanted to do something more creative. When I began training to be a groomer I knew that was my true calling. I love going to work every day, being creative and connecting with clients. Caring for animals and seeing their health progress through proper hygiene. Making just that small difference every day truly warms my heart.

Paulina Ruiz

Pet Stylist

I have always had a soft spot for animals, especially dogs. When I was younger my family owned lizards, turtles and cats so I was always surrounded by animals as a little girl. My career as a dog groomer started out as a bather and from then on was trained as a groomer and my love for grooming grew immensely. I'm so lucky to work with all types of dogs every day make sure the clients fur babies are as comfortable and as happy as possible while they are in my hands. 

We have an amazing team of people here who work together as a team to make sure every dog has the best day ever, each and every day.


Christi McAuley

Pet Stylist

You may recognize me as the person who asked very excitedly if I can pet your dog. From animal lover, to pet owner, to dog groomer. After a thriving career in many different businesses, including 2 years at Petco, I continued to find myself unhappy. I stepped into a grooming salon for the first time after applying at Heavenly Paws in 2016 to be a dog bather. I fell in love. I quickly took a shine to grooming. Now following my bliss I was fortunate to be trained in-house I have now been a professional dog groomer since 2017. I work with the best team and am excited for each new challenge every groom presents. I enjoy the classiness of traditional grooms and share a  passion for fun colors and alternative hair styles

Lynsey Mangano

Bather and Pet Stylist in Training

Lynsey has been an animal lover all her life, when she was given the option to work with animals, she jumped at the chance. Her favorite thing about being in the grooming field is the daily interaction with animals. She's always been drawn to dogs and cats no matter where she would go. "There is no other job I can imagine doing than this one - I get to see so many pets every day! It's fun for me to establish relationships with the pets and be able to maintain the haircuts that make them so cute. I fall in love with the pets at work every day any our clients' animals really start to feel like our own!"


Kaylee Winter


I have been apart of the Heavenly Paws family for almost a year now, and working with little fur babies has brought so much light into my life. Smiling at the pups who give kisses even though they're getting washed is unlike any other job. I've grown up around animals and currently go home to the sweetest kitten, Spatula- my Queen. 
Thanks for trusting your babies with me! -Kaylee



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Upland, CA, USA

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