Price Guide

Prices are an estimate only, prices are based off of size, temperament and condition

Matting, Pest Removal, Specific Styles and Aggression

can all result in additional charges  

All baths and grooms include:

Wash and Dry

Nails Trimmed

Ears Cleaned

Anal Glands Expressed

We accept cats on Wednesdays and Thursdays only. We are an active salon and it should be noted there will be dogs on the premises at our salon at the same time as your cat's grooming appointment.

Washing the Dog

Bath Only

Small to Medium dogs 
Large to Extra Large Dogs 
$55 - $85
XXL Dogs 
$60 - $100
$68- $95

Bath and Tidy
Trim around the eyes, feet and sanitary 
Not a full groom

Small to Medium Dogs 
$38 - $48
Large to Extra Large Dogs
$55 - $95
XXL Dogs 
$60- $100

Dog Grooming

Full Groom

Small to Medium Dogs 
$65 - $85
Large to Extra Large Dogs 
$70 - $200
XXL Dogs 
$85 and up 
$95 and up
$95 and up


Services and Pricing

We Put Your Pet's Needs First

Shampoo Options
perfect for any pet


*Hypoallergenic Coconut Shampoo 

*Hypoallergenic Coconut Conditioner

*Precious Silver Shampoo - Brightens Coat

*Clarifying Shampoo - For your extra dirty pet

Premium  (+$6)

*Oatmeal Shampoo -Moisturizes Skin

*Deshedding Shampoo - Used in Deshed package

*Deshedding Conditioner - Used in Deshed package

*Eucalyptus Shampoo - For dogs with a few fleas

 *Flea and Tick Shampoo - For pets with more fleas/ticks

*Hypoallergenic Tar Shampoo - Slightly medicated, moisturizing, and flea killer; 

Good for sensitive pets with skin conditions

* Skunk Treatment- Helps reduce skunk smell


Additional Cost & Packages

Additional Services:

Nails Filed - $5 

Teeth brushed -$12

Nails Clipped Solo (no bath) -

Small Dog $12 - $15

Large Dog $15

Cat $15 

Ears and Anal Glands Solo (no bath) - $15

Hair Dye -Prices Vary $15- $175

Matting - $5 - $50 Depending on size and condition

Difficulty or Aggression -$5-$15 Depending on temperament and additional labor 

Tick Removal - $5 and up


Frontline Package - $25 - Includes flea bath and frontline treatment 

Shampoo Package - $15 - Includes tooth brushing and one of our premium shampoos of your choice 

Deshed Package - Prices Vary based on size and condition- $10- $25 -Includes deshed shampoo, conditioner, and ferminator 

Smart Dog

Weekly Specials

Monday - Chihuahua Bath Special

Every Monday small flat-coated dogs can enjoy our pampered bath special for only $25. Bath includes nails, ears, and anal glands.

Tuesday - Small dog Bath and Tidies Special

$30 bath special for dogs under 30lbs that have been groomed at Heavenly Paws within the previous 4 weeks, ideal for touch ups 
Bath includes nails, ears, and anal glands.

Wednesday - Senior Special

10% off your total for customers over 55

Thursday - Veterans, Law Enforcement & Free Tooth brushing Special

10% off your total for Veterans and Members of Laws Enforcement and mention our Thursday tooth brushing special and receive it free with the purchase of a full groom

Friday - Student Special

10% off your total, for customers with a student ID

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any day of the week !!