Price Guide

Prices are estimate only, prices based off of size, temperament and condition 

All baths and grooms include:

Wash and Dry

Nails Trimmed

Ears Cleaned

Anal Glands Expressed

Washing the Dog

Bath Only

Small to Medium dogs 
Large to Extra Large Dogs 
$40 - $75
XXL Dogs 
$60 - $100
$35- $50

Bath and Tidy
Trim around the eyes, feet and sanitary 
Not a full groom

Small to Medium Dogs 
$35 - $45
Large to Extra Large Dogs
$45 - $75
XXL Dogs 
$60- $100

Dog Grooming

Full Groom

Small to Medium Dogs 
$55 - $70
Large to Extra Large Dogs 
$60 - $95
XXL Dogs 
$75 and up 
$75 and up


Services and Pricing

We Put Your Pet's Needs First

Shampoo Options
perfect for any pet


*Hypoallergenic Coconut Shampoo 

*Hypoallergenic Coconut Conditioner

*Precious Silver Shampoo - Brightens Coat

*Clarifying Shampoo - For your extra dirty pet

Premium  (+$5)

*Oatmeal Shampoo -Moisturizes Skin

*Deshedding Shampoo - Used in Deshed package

*Deshedding Conditioner - Used in Deshed package

*Eucalyptus Shampoo - For dogs with a few fleas

 *Flea and Tick Shampoo - For pets with more fleas/ticks

*Hypoallergenic Tar Shampoo - Slightly medicated, moisturizing, and flea killer; 

Good for sensitive pets with skin conditions


Additional Cost & Packages

Additional Services:

Nails Filed - $5 

Teeth brushed -$10

Nails Clipped Solo (no bath) -

Small Dog $10

Large Dog $15

Cat $15 

Ears and Anal Glands Solo (no bath) - $10

Hair Dye -   Prices Vary $5- $45

Matting - $5 - $20 Depending on size and condition

Difficulty or Aggression -$5-$10 Depending on temperament and additional labor 


Frontline Package - $20 - Includes flea bath and frontline treatment 

Shampoo Package - $12 - Includes tooth brushing and one of our premium shampoos of your choice 

Deshed Package - Prices Vary based on size and condition- $10- $20 -Includes deshed shampoo, conditioner, and ferminator 

Smart Dog

Weekly Specials

Monday - Chihuahua Bath Special

Every Monday small flat-coated dogs can enjoy our pampered bath special for only $25. Bath includes nails, ears, and anal glands.

Tuesday - Small dog Bath and Tidies Special

$30 bath special for dogs under 30lbs that have been groomed at Heavenly Paws within the previous 4 weeks, ideal for touch ups 
Bath includes nails, ears, and anal glands.

Wednesday - Senior Special

10% off your total for customers over 55

Thursday - Veterans, Law Enforcement & Free Tooth brushing Special

10% off your total for Veterans and Members of Laws Enforcement and mention our Thursday tooth brushing special and receive it free with the purchase of a full groom

Friday - Student Special

10% off your total, for customers with a student ID

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